After finishing my first term exams at uni, I went to Florence for four days with the best company.
I had been there just once and I really wanted to get through the city, enter every museum and walk until i had memorised every corner of it.
As I said, we went there for four days so we had time enough to walk around without stressing out, cause the city centre itself it's really small.
We stayed at Hotel Laurus al Duomo which is just in front of the cathedral (Duomo). Yes, we had the most amazing views you can ever imagine. Also, the location of the hotel allowed us to go everywhere walking. The only public transport we took those days was the plane for arriving and leaving lol. I highly recommend this hotel.
Of course, food in Italy is unreal. Clicking here you can visit the blogpost where I talk about every restaurant and trattoria that we went to. They all were absolutely amazing!
All in all, we had a great time, we disconnected and we learned a lot about the renaissance art.
In this post I won't add any photos of the mainstream museums, only the uncommon ones (but OF COURSE we visited them and they're all so worth it to see).
Checking the train tickets
First impression of il Duomo
You can't stop taking pictures of it!
The inside of the Duomo's cupola. Absolutely renaissance
The Medici Capel cupola is astonishing
And that's me taking the cupola's picture lol

The Lorenzo di Piero di Medici's tomb, sculpt by Michelangelo. It represents the night and the day, it's not finished
The crypt's cupola is simple but I love the architect features that has! It makes it so special
Santa Maria Novella (that gives the name to the train station next to it)
The unique Ponte Vecchio of Firenze, plenty of jewellery shops
A street artist painting on the road
The copy of the Perseo with Medusa's head that you can find in Piazza della Signoria from a dramatic angle 
Sabina's Rapt copy at Piazza di la Signoria against the light
More sculptures (many Sabinas) from Piazza della Signoria
Piazza della Repubblica. Here's where the Forum was located in the old roman Firenze (cardo and the decumanus streets origin)
We had the chance to enter the Sinagoga. It's completely worth it to visit it. It's such an unusual art (considering the constant renaissance vibe of this trip) and there are not so many Sinagogas in Europe that allow you to enter. I wasn't allowed to take pictures from the inside, so you'll have to discover it with your own eyes hehe
Amazing altar of Santa Croce
The Santa Croce's cloister it's not rectangular as the ordinary cloisters, we were surprised 
Picture taken just to show to my father. He's always talking about the porchetta sandwich shops around Florence. It's quite traditional this kind of meet sandwich all around Tuscany 
In Piazza della Signoria there's the Gucci museum (as the signature was born in this city). At first I thought it was a tourist trap, but I was surprised about how interesting and cultural the visit was. I learned a lot about Italian style and haute couture. And after hours and hours of seeing art, a bit of trivial information is sooooo welcome

Traditionally there are lots of paper shops in Florence where you can buy handmade decorated paper to write letters, personalised calling cards... 
Cute horse eating a snack in front of the baptistery. Notice the baptistery door: it's entirely made out of gold. When it was builded, it was worth 22.000 florines (an average person would earn 15 florines every year)
Leonardo da Vinci's museum. Here you can see, and actually test some of his inventions. One of the most kinaesthetic museums you can visit in this city lol Seriously, if you're interested in science you should go!
Initially this pic makes no sense, but I'll explain it's existence: my mother and I have a particular obsession with Rome's chestnuts. Every time that we've been there we've bought a little pack of 6 or 12 because they're big, plenty of flavour and easy to peel off. Perfect chestnuts. We wanted to give a go to Florence's chestnuts and... guess what? They were just the same as the Rome one's. Why Italians make everything that's edible so delicious? Gosh... 
Around the streets of Firenze you can find some street paintings of famous paintings that are exposed in the city's museums in a  underwater style. This one of Venus (copy of 'la nascita di Venere' of Botticelli)
The tradition says that if you touch the wild boar's snout and then put a coing inside his mouth, if the coin enters the grills where the water of the fountain falls, you'll have good luck #firenzehacks
The last day we woke up very early to go to the typical places without seeing any tourists. Seeing the Piazza de la Signoria without persons taking pictures was unreal. You feel alone with the statues
If you find yourself walking around il Duomo, take a look on the floor. Nearby the cupola you'll find a big dot made out of marble. It's supposed to point at where a part of the Duomo's cupola fell years ago because of a lightning
The last church we visited before leaving. It's called Iglesia di Ognissanti and I can assure that it's the most beautiful church I've ever been to. It's flawless, but I'm afraid the picture doesn't show enough it's magnificence). Every chapel is so detailed and clean, and you don't see it as a old restored church (as the other churches of Florence). Also, here's where rests Botticelli, but his tomb is so small and disappointing, you really need to search it to find it
I'm so predictable
Last but not least, going to the airport I had the chance to stop at Roma Termini and share a bicchiere di vino and grab some delicious focaccias with my amazing friend Eugenio


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