Lightbox histeria

Today I'll write about deco. One year ago I started being interested in the vintage-minimal-clean-white deco style, which lots of British and American bloggers and YouTubers have been into over the last years. I noticed that some of them had this amazing gadget in their backgrounds, which makes white and clean led light and allows you to write anything you want. It reminded me of the old cinema signs where they announced the films that were on. I absolutely loved it, but I had no idea how was this called.
There's a shop in Spain which is called Kenay Home which has the most adorable furniture. I love to visit it just to day dream about my Pinterest-goal-future-house. There they had the Lightbox in colour pastel mint (which, as you can see by the main colour theme of the blog, I love) but I wanted my Lightbox to be black or white.
I searched it on eBay and got really obsessed with it. My family noticed my histeria and got me not one, but TWO Lightboxs for my birthday, taking advantage of a black Friday offer. So now I've got one in my room and an other one in my band's rehearsal studio.
My band's Lightbox on my Mesa Carbine
My (and my sister's) room lightbox
I also got one for my boyfriend's recording studio cause the Lightbox would fit perfectly to the Tropic Studio's SoCal vintage vibe.
As you can see, it's really versatile to many styles and I highly recommend it to add a little light focus in a room in a personal and original way.
The studio Lightbox


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