Cuines Santa Caterina

  • Average price: 20€/person
  • Recommendation for 4 persons: 3 dishes to share + 1 main dish (+ wine/smoothie... + desert)
  • Location: Avinguda de Francesc Cambó, 16, Barcelona (metro: Jaume I, Urquinaona)
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly!

This is one of the most trendy restaurants these days in Barcelona. It's one of the Tragaluz group restaurants, so every plate has a chic undeniable Tragaluz signature. 
Cuines Santa Caterina is a restaurant located in the city centre of Barcelona. It's next to the Santa Caterina market, a really old market that has been renewed over the last decade. A restaurant attached to a food market just means one thing: fresh quality products every day. It has a great menu with lots of types of cuisine (from Mediterranean to asiatic, vegetarian, hindu...). 
The ambience is really dynamic (all the panoramic photos I took were absolutely blurred lol) and it has a great capacity. But as the restaurant doesn't allow you to book, you'll have to go there, ask for a table and then wait for several minutes (depending on the requests they have). Meanwhile, you can have a drink or a snack in the bar of the entrance. 

They have a fresh smoothie menu, but as I was with my family (and they're not keen on the hipster trend of eating with a smoothie as a beverage) we opted for a bottle of red wine (origin Penedès).
As it was lunch time, we ordered dishes to share first, and individual main dishes. The portions are quite big so maybe the best combo for dinner would be one main dish or several for sharing. 

The sharing plates were dips, veggie rolls and sausage with beans from Santa Pau and foie (as I am vegetarian, I didn't taste this last one, and I didn't take a picture of it either, but you can kinda see it in the roll close up pic).
My significants ordered thai curry spicy chicken with rice (the grade was a 7,5/10), grilled salmon with smashed potatoes (8/10) and something involving stinky meat which I didn't pay attention at all. I usually take pictures of the food I eat, so don't expect photos of those plates I just mentioned in this blog post.
Hummus, babaganuch and guacamole from the vegetarian menu. The guacamole was very tasty and the hummus surprisingly soft and smooth. Not sure if they used yogurt to make the dips creamier, just ask if it's vegan friendly
Veggie rolls from the world menu. Vegan friendly! Asiatic flavour in the outside but the veggie stuff had a Mediterranean vibe
My main plate choice was a pumpkin cream, because it was cold outside and I felt kinda ill, so I wanted something light and detox. Plus, I make pumpkin cream quite often at home, so I like to taste different recipes of the same plate to improve the one I make at home. This one had a particular addition which was truffle oil and egg poché. I thought it is a great way of jazzing things up making a sad purée turn into a consistent dish. 
Pumpkin cream with egg poché and truffle from the vegetarian menu
I didn't have the chance of tasting the deserts because I had to leave the restaurant quick, but the mascarpone filled maki had me very intrigued. Also, I'd love to taste their juices! Especially the papaya, grapefruit, raspberries and lime one. I'm definitely going back!


As my father really enjoys this restaurant, we went back. This time we I ordered curry veggies with rice and they shared a seafood paella. 
The classic seafood paella
Great curry!


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