• Average price: 15€/person
  • Recommendation for 2 persons: 1 main dish + smoothie (+ desert to share if you're in a Sunday mood)
  • Location: Carrer Consell de Cent, 227, Barcelona (metro: Urgell, Universitat, Hospital Clínic)
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly!

I've been passing by OMA bistro so many days on my journey back home, and every time I do I wanna enter so bad but I never had the change to do it. Today I finally got the perfect excuse to enter and try the menu. It's quite tiny and the ambience is hipster and cozy. It's an open concept kind of bar, perfect for enjoying meals with friends and couples.
I searched online what are most popular plates there, and I found out that foodies at TripAdvisor recommend you to order the most simple dishes of the menu.
The menu is quite short, and for me this only means one thing: Accurate and meticulous planned dishes, as if every single one was a speciality of the restaurant. I was so tempted by the toasts, but finally my boyfriend and i ought for the eggs Benedict (I went for the pescatarian option, the salmon ones, and he went for the bacon ones).
2 poached farm eggs with Gravlax salmon on a homemade bagel and seasoned hollandaise sauce
To drink we ordered 2 green juices: Sarah Tropical (pineapple, green apple, cucumber and mint) and Vera Tot Green (green apple, celery, ginger and spinach).
Our table looked cute AF
The juices were astonishing, very fresh and satiating. About the eggs, the combination was good, and they were in the ultimate soft boiling point. The sauce though was not the best Hollandaise sauce I've ever tasted. In my opinion it was a bit greasy, but it really depends on what you like. The bagel itself was very good but a bit crispy on the edges. The other ingredients were very fresh!
Open concept restaurant (the bar is super accessible) it makes it all very cozy and with a smart look
After the bagels we were quite full, so we couldn't even think of eating a desert, though their selection of homemade cakes were flawless.
I'm looking forward going back to OMA to give a go to their toasts, and maybe one day I'll go in the afternoon to taste a slice of cake with a cup of chai tea or something latte.


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