Royal Blood - Royal Blood

  • Duration: 33 minutes
  • Genre: Hard Rock - Garage
  • My favourite tracks: ... all of them, really

One of my favourite albums ever. It's the debut studio album of the band Royal Blood. Though it was realised in 2014, I discovered them in 2015. 
Royal Blood are and english rock duo (bassist/singer and drummer). One of the things I admire the most from them is that they fill the songs so well, there's nothing but sound and melodies and everything is perfectly connected. Plus, the bass not always sounds like a proper bass. Mike Kerr, the bassist, uses a huge variety of pedals and keeps changing the effects all time, making every song dynamic and different from the others. You cannot tell it's only a bass playing. Also, the drummer is astonishing. You should search videos of their live shows on YouTube, they're unreal!

If you've never heard of this band, I'm sure you'll recognise one of their singles that's actually in this album: Figure it out. It started being in lots of advertisements on TV during 2016 and 2017  (samsung, Nissan...).

I absolutely love every song of this album, but if I had to choose a song to listen right now I think I would go for Figure it out or Out of the Black. It's not because of my musical taste, but because of the memories they bring me. 
In the first jam session I had with my band members, my guitarist and my drummer taught me how to play Figure it out because they loved Royal Blood before I knew it was a thing (I mean, it wasn't a mainstream TV song back then). They were surprised by how quickly did I learn the chords, melodies and structures, so they decided to call me again to play. And the same happened with Out of the Black some rehearsals later.
Today, if we play a cover on stage, we always go for Figure i out, because #nostalgia.

As it's a great album and you shouldn't skip any song, I highly recommend you to buy the vinyl and listen to it 24/7.


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