Where to eat in Firenze

It's been so long since I published my first blogpost ever about my trip to Florence. There i mentioned I would write an other blogpost of the best restaurants I went to during the stay. And here it is! I hope you find it helpful in case you're planning to go to Firenze!

Italian food expectations: pasta and pizza. But the Italian gastronomy has way more amazing delights to offer. In my stays in Italy I've learned that restaurants not always are the ultimate choice to enjoy the best food. If you ought to go to a trattoria (which is a cross of a bar, a restaurant and a pub where the average locals would go to enjoy homestyle meals), or you get pizza portions, panini or similar from a take away place, you'll enjoy as much (or even more!) as you would in a restaurant! And you'll save money :)

Trattoria Mariore

This trattoria is located in the city centre. It's very crowded and most of the customers are locals WHICH MEANS it's not a tourist trap and you can find true Italian goodies).
As you can se in the photos, the dishes looked home-backed, and they tasted just as you would expect from them. 

We went to the trattoria Mariore for dinner. Apparently, this place is known for their ribollita. It's a typical cheap Italian plate that the poor people used to cook. It's called rebollita which literally means 're-boiled'. The cooking method is simple but it lasts a while: first of all you chop and boil veggies and you let it rest for a night or so. Before serving it, you boil it again. That's why it's called ribollita. So we ordered one of those and pasta with cod, artichoke, leek and tomato.
Rigatone with cod, artichoke, leek and tomato
Delicious ribollita

Ristorante Giglio Rosso

We found this restaurant by chance when walking on the streets around our hotel. We had a late lunch there, and we were starving. Maybe that's the reason why I found everything so delicious! 
We were the only tourists there so, again, we were not eating in a tourist trap.

We both ordered spaghetti as a starter. My mother's choice was spaghetti with tomato, garlic and chilli, and my choice was taglierini with smoked salmon and cream sauce.
After that we ordered ribollita and pappa al pomodoro. This last one is a typical dish of the region (Tuscany). Again, it's a very simple recipe: it consists on a bread soup with smashed tomatoes and sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese.
Taglierini al salmone and spaghetti alla carrettiera
Ribollita and pappa pomodoro (without the parmesan toping yet hehe)

Pizzeria lo Sputino

We entered this pizzeria the last night we stayed in Florence, only because we realised that in the whole stay we didn't have pizza!!! Terrible.
That's why we shared a 4 formaggi pizza, and for dessert we ordered a Tiramisu. The pizza was awesome (of course, we were in Italy) but what captivated us was the Tiramisu. 
Of course, the aspect is not as Pinterest as you would expect from a blogpost pic, but the chaos that you can appreciate there lands into your palate in the most delicious way you can ever imagine. I promise!!!

Creepy but delicious TiramisĂș

Porchetta take away

Last but not least I need to write about the Porchetta which is a typical sandwich from the centre of Italy. As I am pescatarian I didn't get one, but my mother did (I actually got the veggie sandwich you can see behind in the photo). 
It's pork meet baked in the oven. My father is so obsessed with Porchetta. He says that the best places to eat porchetta are ones that are in the middle of the streets (trucks, open concept bars where the food is meant to be taken away...). As you can tell, I can't review this kind of sandwich. But everyone loves it! So give it a go.


Ostreria del Proconsolo

We went to this amazing restaurant to have lunch the day we visited the Uffizi gallery. The place was so welcoming and cosy, the waiters were super friendly, and the food... OMG the food.
We went for a ribollita (yes, again), and gnocchi with the best pesto sauce ever (surprisingly with tomatoes, we'll try to copy the recipe at home).
Unfortunately the lightning of the restaurant wasn't that good to take pictures, so I have none! But this place was worth mentioning.

Conclusion 1: The Italian food not always looks 'Pinterest goals', but the more chaotic it looks, the better it tastes.
Conclusion 2: Italians put tomatoes on everything.


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