About Eyebrow Threading

I've always plucked my own eyebrows using a fine-tip pair of tweezers, and once every month (or once I started looking like Chewbacca) I had a beautician shaping my brows using the same technique.
A while ago I went to coco lashes to maintain my shellac mani (someday I'll write a post about it) and they explained me what the threading technique was. I got really curious about it so I did a little research back at home.
I found out that the eyebrow threading was a real thing in hollywood and so on, apparently all the celebs are doing it. It basically consists on plucking the hair off using a thin string, rolling and unrolling it right next to your eyebrow. The string pulls out every single hair out of the shape of your eyebrow, even the ones that you can't see. The result is unreal, it seems that your eyebrows are drawn on your face. Normally, using tweezers you would be unaware of those little fine hairs, so in 2 weeks or even 4 days they would be visible.
As you can imagine, the string technique makes your shaped clean eyebrows last longer, maybe one month and a half without cleaning them at home and two months and one week without shaping them. 
The cost is a bit more pricey but it's absolutely worth it. Basically because you'll pay less threading sessions than tweezer sessions. Pure mathematics.


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