The Fish & Chips Shop

  • Average price: 8€/cone + drink
  • Recommendation per 2 persons: Sharing a 'big fish' cone if you're out for dinner or 1 medium cone per person if you're  having lunch
  • Location: Carrer de Balmes, 240, Barcelona (metro: Gràcia, Plaça Molina)
  • Pescatarian friendly!
  • My boyfriend doesn't like fish, but he enjoyed having dinner at the fish & chips shop (success). 
    They open every day of the week except Mondays (I've learned that after trying to go there not one but two Mondays IN A ROW. Clever). 
    In this restaurant they only use day fresh fish. You can notice that by the non smelly open concept kitchen they have, and the fish they serve you that doesn't smell fishy. As a matter fact, people that don't like fish - like my boyfriend - will enjoy this plate. The only things that you'll taste are the crunchy spiced coat and the sauces you'll add.
    Apart from the cones, they also offer other fishy recipes (such as salmon tartare, fried anchovies, fried oysters...) but of course, I recommend yo to go for the fish and chips. What would you expect me to tell you about a restaurant called like a dish.

    Normally, after the main dish I'm so full that I just can't even think of ordering a dessert. But if you're in the mood I recommend you to go for either the lavender pudding or the bread with chocolate, oil and salt (sounds weird but the combination is amazing). 
    This one is the default size of the cone they give you if you ask for a fish and chips cone. It has 4 pieces of fish and the rest of it is filled up with fries
    The restaurant is quite small (up to 45 persons capacity), but it's welcoming and cozy. It has a smart and modern deco which I find so different from what you would find in other Barcelona restaurants. I've just realised I didn't take pictures of the restaurant itself, so you'll have to go to check it out ;)

    You can dip the fish and the chips in the 2 sauces they give you (tartar sauce and sour mango sauce) but you can also feel free to get yourself some vinegar, tabasco, Perrins sauce... I feel like you could dip every bite to a different sauce and you would never taste them all.
    The cone with homemade tartar sauce and sour mango sauce
    The fish has a very soft texture and it melts in your mouth. The fried coat is crunchy and plenty of flavour.



    Nistur said...

    to flama

    Mariana García said...

    That looks so delicious!

    K A N G E L Y said...

    Looks good!

    Ay,mimadre said...

    OMG! I'm hungry now! Looks yummy!

    Rukii Holic said...

    What looks delicious <3
    And I have been very hungry! Ajajaj

    Vicky Grim said...

    Looks so yummy!!! Love Fish and chips, thanks for sharing :) it makes me hungry.

    Eliana Vasquez said...

    I like how do you describe the restaurant and the feeling that you created makes me wanna go there. I´ve never tried fish & chips before, but the images make the food look delicious. If I could go to Barcelona, which I would love, I would definitely go.

    Mrs. Habsburgo said...

    ÑAM ÑAM, se ve delicioso, me ha encantado como haz descrito el restaurant, la experiencia fue tremenda. Ojalá pueda verlo en persona y probar esos platillos que se ven realmente deliciosos.

    Fufi ♥ said...

    Its look so delicious!

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