Groezrock Festival

The past 29th and 30th of April the anual Groezrock Festival took place in Meerhout, a little village in the north of Belgium. I had the great opportunity to go thanks to the American Socks family, that asked my boyfriend and I to help out with tasks of their tent. 
I look happy AF. Actually I was, but I was under the effects of monster's caffeine too which I reckon it makes me look even more smiley and dynamic in the photo (wearing the ultra-high back in black socks - hey hey hey I said that by heart! After the festival I've memorised all the American Socks ranges, designes and prices haha)
It was the first time I attended to a festival of this kind (punk-rock-hardcore) and I absolutely loved it.  The music was amazing, the people was very friendly, and there were lots of veggie options to eat! Contrary to the popular belief, the hardcore community is very affable and helpful. I know that for some of you this statement might be so obvious and unnecessary but I really think most of the people around me might have lots of prejudgements when seeing the crowds in the concerts jumping from the stage, or performing mosh pits and pogos. The classical punk subculture ideals were against the economic inequality and the bourgeois establishment. The songs would talk about non-conformity, anti-war, anti-authoritanism, free-thought... The movement, the subculture and obviously the music kept changing as the time passed, and right now the are lots of sub-styles that share the same niche. Now they fight for the economic and social ideals as they used to, and for many new ones (feminism, human rights, refugees...). Plus, they hold lots of amazing foundations and associations to protect human and animal rights (Hardcore Help Foundation, Sea Shepherd...). So this is the reason why I had no problem when asking for vegetarian food! Many assistants are against animal cruelty too.
Yes, we had a loooong journey by car (up to 13h from Barcelona to Meerhout) with a little breakdown in Luxembourg that affected us on the way back (I'll explain later)
Finally arrived!
Probably the best marketing strategy ever. I couldn't resist myself to take a picture of it
This year the American Socks family wanted to bet for something big in their tent. They organised acoustic concerts with great bands that would perform in the big stages of the festival. It was very successful: we created a very cosy and homely setting where all the fans and bands interacted happily
My natural habitat: the shop
Product range!!! They're all so cute
When you go to a festival you expect seeing at least one random guy dressed up as an animal
I was surprised by the capacity of the tent! There were performances that held 80 people or even more! By the way, if you want to see some of the unplugged concerts, stay tuned to the American Socks RRSS, because they'll upload the videos soon!!!
This one's my favourite picture of the whole festival. We had the best view ever at the Anti-Flag concert. Their acting was unreal and they shared lots of great moments with the audience, such as the one captured on camera
This pic is by Cardinals Media, and it's from the Boston Manor's concert. My boyfriend encouraged me to go to see them, because he knew i would love them... and so did I! Why did I choose this picture and not one taken by me? Well... If you look closely you can see my boyfriend and I at the background :D 
I was really curious of the vegan desserts the Hardcore Help Foundation offered in the festival. I tried the carrot cake with coconut frosting and some sweets. Now I want to try to cook these things! I'll do a little research online and I'll try them out. If it turns out well I'll post it!
It's not so charming when seen behind the camera lens but I wanted to post a sneak peek of what the actual grass looked like with the crowd
I'm in love with a crew member
Going back home... Guys! Shit happens. As I said previously, we had a car breakdown in Luxembourg. We had to stay longer than expected because of weird procedures our insurance took us to. But, hey! Everything happens for a reason. My experience here has made me learn that in some cases all you can do is to stay with a positive mental attitude because there are things that are not under your control. Being negative and destructive can affect to those who can actually help you out! Looking on the bright side (of life, turu, turu turu turu) I had the opportunity to visit beautiful European cities (Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Lyon) and luckily I got the chance to have lunch with a great turkish friend that lives in Lyon, Özgür, who kindly came to the train station to share some time with me. I love lovely people!!!!
At the Strasbourg train station waiting for the train that would take us to Lyon. I've just noticed how much luggage we carried across Europe lol
These hard-working pals make the most of the dead times on trains! (They're not watching 13 reasons why... not at all! No way... hehe)
Cute boys producing the sound of the videos of the concerts... coming soon!!!

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Sounds like a really fun experience, even if it was frustrating on the way back with the car! You definitely had a great time at the festival to make up for it :)

Hope you are having a fantastic week :)

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What an amazing experience.

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