Mr Kakigori: The Dorayakis

  • Average price: 2,5€-3,5€/person
  • Recommendation per person: 1 dorayaki is enough, really
  • Location: Rambla del Poblenou, 36, Barcelona (metro: Llacuna)
  • Vegetarian friendly!

This is not the healthiest place on earth... I know! But sometimes I've got to satiate my inner sweet tooth, especially during 'those days' and during final exams - aka right now!

Mr Kakigori is a Japanese sweet food franchise in Barcelona. There are currently 2 shops: one in Vila de Gràcia and the other one - which is the one I went this time - in Poblenou.

They serve 2 different Japanese sweet snacks: Kakigori - which I'll write an other post about it - and Dorayaki. You might recognise those by the cartoon/manga/anime series Doraemon. The main character loves Dorayakis!
Dorayaki is a very popular snack and dessert in Japan. The traditional one consists on 2 fluffy pancakes (that unlike the american ones, these contain honey) filled in with anko, a red bean filling, kinda like a compote. In Mr Kakigori they also have other sweet and salty fillings.  

If you've never tasted anko before and you're keen on trying new exotic stuff, I would recommend you to go for it. But if you're looking for a very sweet and well-known experience, get the Nutella one! The Dorayaki of the picture is the Nutella one, because I asked the barista which one was his favourite and he gave me this one!
There's a lot of variety - sweet and salty!
How they're done
The dark chocolate dorayaki! Not as good as the Nutella one but still good tho 

The fruit syrups for the kakigoris and a cute tiny Doraemon
The kakigori machine! I'll write an other blogpost about the kakigoris once I try them!



mimi said...

Aiiii vaig anar-hiii!! El de nutella és una passada omgg Sort que mel vas recomenar jejeje <3 <3 <3 ets la beeest <3

Pammy said...

I am drooling with your chocolate pancake, I think of Nutella :D

Pammy -

Anonymous said...

Yum! I've missed both dorayakis AND kakigoris since I've moved from Japan. Looking at the photos made me homesick...and a bit hungry. :)

cuppiesncream said...

Ooh these look delicious and right up my street! I have been to Barcelona but didn't spot these so will keep an eye out next time. I also really the chain ring you're wearing on your thumb, its quite different! :-)

awesome blossom said...

Looks yum, I should check if its available in my city!

Trisha said...

That looks so good! I'm not so sure I'd try the anko one, but the chocolate or Nutella - definitely!

Cheryl Lang said...

I want to go to Barcelona just to try this. It looks sooooo yummy!

Louann Kristy said...

Oh goodness anything with Nutella is to die for !! YUM !

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