Melody Calling - The Vaccines

  • Duration: 13 minutes
  • Genre: Indie Rock, Surf Rock
  • My favourite tracks: 'Do you want a man?' (both original song and remix)

Hey!!! I needed to write at least a tiny little post in the blog to show signs of life! I'm not posting THAT much because I'm currently taking my final exams at uni (deep breath).
These music recommendations are so easy for me to draft because I always write about the music I'm currently stuck on, so they're versatile when I have no time at all.

I'm so hooked on this EP by the Vaccines. I listen to it from beginning to end, as many times as necessary to make it be the soundtrack of my journey to the library, and the way back.
My boyfriend showed this EP to me, he said it's so 'me'. And yet the cover, the sound, the songs, maybe even the lyrics, seem to be made to my taste.
I had heard the Vaccines before, but this EP which was released on 2012 is quite different from their unconditional British Rock sound. It has a great vintage Cal sound, much more beachy and hipster.

All the songs are great, the radiophonic effect of the voices fit amazingly well, the instruments are very balanced and the guitar effects couldn't be better for this style.

Maybe a week ago I would have said that my favourite track was 'Melody Calling', but I've heard it so many times now that it's not so exciting anymore. Nevertheless, I'll never be bored of 'Do you want a man?' - the original one and the remix included in the EP - (which now I reckon it's actually the 50% of the whole EP lol). I love everything about the song, but my obsession is due to its post-production details.
The original song (second song of the EP) has typical crackles from old vinyl records at the background. I don't see it as a superfluous hipster whim from the artists, I actually think it perfectly goes with the style. That's why I appreciate it so much.
Everyone hates remixes - me too - but this one is very persuasive. It still reminds of the original song (because it maintains the structure, the voice and some instruments) but the instrumentation added to the mix is fresh and cool. What I really enjoy of this track is the sound master. If you hear this song using headphones, close your eyes for a second a notice how the instruments are distributed around your head. There are further effects apart from the distortion and the gain that make your ears crack and kinda massage your eardrum. I always say this is ASMR to me!

I know it's weird in a musical post, but let's talk about the cover. I love this cover so much that I'd like to have this EP in the vinyl edition and hang it on the wall of my bedroom, and I'm being completely honest! It's so white and Pinterest-goal, with a fancy tropical touch with those leafs on both sides. The picture itself it's original but has a pinch of The Beatles - yes you know what I'm talking about, the 'Please Please me' album cover - , the angle it's risky and different, and the tones it has reminds me of the HB1 filter on vsco which is my absolute favourite. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!



Elizabeth Uchealor said...

I probably don't know much about music but I wish you well in your final exams.

Chloe | said...

Oh man, I remember the Vaccines - I had a big indie phase in high school and they were one of my favourites :) Lovely post, thanks for sharing.

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