Auto Rosellón

  • Average price: 15-20€/person 
  • Recommendation for 2 persons (lunch/brunch): 1 main + 1 smoothie + 1 desert to share or 1 each - ending up as a happy panda
  • Location: Carrer Rosselló 182 (metro: Diagonal/Provença)
  • Vegetarian options!

  • Auto Rosellón is great breakfast-brunch-lunch-dinner restaurant in the centre of Barcelona. It used to be a garage or rapair shop and they've turned it into a hipster foodie place. Actually, google maps categorise it as a 'Auto Parts & Supplies place'. Legit. They've redecorated the inside but they maintain the shop sign (which I don't have any photos of but you can check it out on google maps street view haha).
    It's a minimal clean industrial style with several green touches
    Can we talk about how cute the cutlery container is, please?
    The menu offers a variety of salty and sweet dishes that accomplish all the brunch expectations, but they also can fit into breakfast/lunch/dinner. This last time I went there I had lunch :)
    As most of these kind of restaurants, they have vegetarian, vegan and gluten and dairy free alternatives. Also, they offer freshly squeezed beverages - smoothies and lemonade - and have an actual menu only for coffees. Any coffee lovers over here?
    Plus they use ecologic eggs and local products, which is always nice.
    Oh! And they have a tiny part of the menu with kids choices.
    Close up pics are the best pics. Always.
    Parmesan with homemade potato crisps. What? But hey. Genious.
    I went for the scrambled eggs with salmon, Crème Fraîche and dill - pescatarian option - and bae went for quesadillas with manchego cheese and roast chicken with parmesan cheese homemade chips, guacamole and sour cream.
    We ordered 1 smoothie each: the 'raspberry princess' (almond milk, raspberry and banana) and the 'Auto Green' (banana, spinach and pineapple).
    Never erase the oil stains and the wrinkles of the tablecloth with photoshop. We are all humans, we all make those without knowing and discover them once we've finished the meal or we're revising the pics we took of the dishes. Stay true, stay proud of your oil stains and wrinkles.
    We decided go over the top and order two slices of cake. The waiter told us that her personal favourites were the matcha cake and the poppy-seed one. HOW CAN I SAY NO TO MATCHA?
    Poppy-seed cake slice covered with pink chocolate. 
    Matcha cake slice. Matcha is love. Matcha is live.
    As you may guess, everything was nice. To me, the portions were the perfect size, but I suppose that some may think they aren't big enough.

    I need to highlight the bread of my main dish. I know it sounds unusual, but the bread of the toasts tastes very bready. I mean, of course it tastes bready, it's bread. Duh. But the flavour was THAT good that I asked the waitress about it. She told me that they bake their own bread with Sourdough. I reckon all the bread served at Auto Rosellón is homemade. And delicious.

    I found that the smoothies weren't thick, which is grateful when you're having them while eating.
    Cutest smoothies ever. Am I right? Last picture of them, I promise.
    I'll leave you some random pics down here. I took them because I found that the cafeteria area was so vintage-looking and cool, and now I wanna add them but I don't know where exactly!

    From now on I won't review every single aspect of the meal, I will only expose the high points.

    Hope you visit it!



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